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Looking for Obvious Adams?

If you’re looking for Obvious Adams you’re in the right place! If you’ve found your way to this page, no doubt you’ve already heard a little about this famous and rare marketing text.

You see, Robert R. Updegraff’s enduring volume, Obvious Adams The Story of a Successful Businessman, was an instant hit when it was first published in 1916 and it’s remained so popular that if you can find an original copy you’ll be holding a true collector’s item.

When you download and read the Obvious Adams book, you’ll appreciate the power of this classic story in less than a couple of hours of reading time. But like so many before you, you’ll probably be impressed by the power of the simple messages the book contains.

Our hope in bringing you this material is to share with you the lessons of this successful businessman and help you to put them to work for your own career and personal success.

Too often today’s marketers are looking for complex, multi-faceted, multi-media marketing solutions…  When what they should really be looking for is … The Obvious.

If you can create an engaging message which is obvious to you, 

 chances are it will be obvious to everyone else too – including your customer… And when your message is obvious to your customer they can understand you and buy. Now isn’t that why you were interested in marketing in the first place?

So why is it important to be Obvious with your Marketing?

As we’ve started to describe earlier, these days marketers have so many options available to them. There are ever more technological solutions, online solutions, digital solutions, in store solutions and media solutions. Not to mention the growing number of sales people and companies trying to convince today’s marketers that they have the right solution to promote and grow their brand, products and business.

But the reality is that as options evolve and grow in number, it actually becomes easier and easier to overlook the optimal solution – the one that actually resonates best and means most to your target customer. If they don’t get it they will be lost. And if they are lost they won’t buy.

And that’s where the power of Robert R. Updegraff’s message comes in. With Obvious Adams he gives us a thorough walk through of real life marketing situations we can all relate to. He discussed the approach Obvious Adams took to achieve his remarkably successful business outcomes. And he shows us how we can begin to apply these simple, yet obvious learnings and methods to our worlds; starting today.

Beyond it’s easy applicability and its simplicity, the best thing about this story is that it’s so short you can read it in as little as a couple of hours…

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Good Luck Applying The Obvious!

We wish you every success in applying the marketing lessons of Obvious Adams and benefiting from, The Obvious!