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David Ogilvy, the great ad man, famously said of another enduring ad book, “Scientific Advertising:

“Nobody should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising until he has read this book seven times. It changed the course of my life.”

We believe the same could be said of the Obvious Adams eBook. Whether you have just downloaded the Obvious Adams eBook or whether you are fortunate enough to have found yourself an original copy, we recommend it to your repeated reading.

With repeated readings of the free download Obvious Adams eBook you will find that the simple and timeless wisdom it imparts becomes part of your natural advertising approach. That means you’ll be doing yourself and your clients a huge favour by creating obvious advertising – and that is the kind that gets people to take notice, understand and buy.

Obvious Adams eBook – Beyond the original text

If you have enjoyed the Obvious Adams eBook you may also enjoy finding out about it’s author, Robert R. Updegraff.

Alternatively, after you have read the Obvious Adams eBook you may decide that you would like to have its wisdom available to you as an Obvious Adams MP3 file or Obvious Adams audiobook which you can also purchase from this site.

We hope you have enjoyed the Obvious Adams eBook and wish you every marketing and advertising success.

Further Advertising Information

Of course, keeping your advertising messages obvious is only one approach – albeit a recommended and reliable one. There are many techniques you can use to reach your target consumer and communicate your benefit through new as well as traditional and proven ad methods. To find out more about new advertising techniques, we recommend you explore the latest thinking on www.advertisingmethods.org