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Obvious Adams - The Story of a Successful Businessman







Have you heard about the Obvious Adams Audiobook?

In the last few years there’s been a huge amount of buzz in the world of marketing about a little book by Robert R. Updegraff called Obvious Adams The Story of a Successful Businessman.

So what is all the buzz about?

Essentially, as options for marketers have increased year by year many marketing professionals have found it harder and harder so ‘see the wood for the trees.’ Too many brand managers have been sucked into the trends, the new, and the exciting… at the expense of doing what is actually right for their consumers and their brands.

In a world which is constantly pushing the next thing, the Obvious Adams message gives us a chance to step back, slow down and re-assess what is really important. Something which we can probably all agree is worth doing every now and then.

On this page we are giving you the opportunity to download the Obvious Adams Audiobook. It’s an MP3 file that you can download and listen to repeatedly at your convenience on your iPod, iPhone or MP3 player. But wherever and however you chose to listen, we’re certain, you’ll be glad you listened to the wisdom in the Obvious Adams Audiobook.

You can find out more information about Oliver B. Adams – the man who became the legend Obvious Adams – that’s to the catchy nickname awarded by his impressed boss, James Oswald… You’ll find further facts and background here at www.obviousadams.org


We also review the book here at http://obviousadams.org/obvious-adams-review/